Hartwig kids do the city! plymouth, MN childrens photographer

This is my sixth year photographing these guys! Always look forward to this session, but its always a challenge to top the prior year. These year we headed to the city for the urban scene. WE got so lucky for a rather warm fall November day.
DSC_9511 color.jpg
DSC_9571 color.jpg
DSC_9525 color.jpg
DSC_9554 color.jpg
DSC_9599 color.jpg
DSC_9605 color.jpg

Not little kids anymore! Maple Grove, MN family photographer

Love that this mama wanted photos of her adult children. We all know they grow up so fast, but just look at how beautiful these photos are?!
DSC_1323 color.jpg
DSC_1376 color.jpg
DSC_1406 color.jpg
DSC_1373 color.jpg
DSC_1403 color.jpg

Eden just five days new! Minneapolis, MN newborn photographer

Sweet baby Eden, seriously the cutest!
DSC_0738 color.jpg
DSC_0663 color.jpg
DSC_0756 color.jpg
DSC_0669 color.jpg
DSC_0776 color.jpg

Sweet baby Katherine- Blaine, MN newborn photographer

DSC_0488 color.jpg
DSC_0533 color.jpg
DSC_0427 color.jpg
DSC_0435 color.jpg

Welcome baby Connor! St.Michael newborn photographer

The sweetest mama and her three sons!
DSC_2530 color.jpg
DSC_2478 color.jpg
DSC_2429 color.jpg
DSC_2705 color.jpg

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